Hardy rod dating

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We keep sections of rods for as long as feasibly possible. Repairs and servicing are available - please contact us to discuss your needs. We recommend a light rubbing on the joints every 2-3 outings.

In the event that we don't have any, an upgrade to an equivalent current rod will be offered at a discounted price. Some spare parts are available to order, or may be replaced under warranty. We recommend that only household candle wax is used on the joints.

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Almost every day I receive visitors to the site who are looking for information, valuations or Hardy cane rods for sale.

Who knows, they may even be able to tell you who made it.

If you do get in touch with Hardy, please let them know you got the details from this site (thanks! If you would rather find your own answers, then I would suggest taking a look at this site for names and dates of manufacture for Hardy rods (and reels).

The always helpful people at Hardys have asked me to suggest contacting their sales team at the Country Store on 01665 602 771 (select Option 4), or email them at sales@

If you use either method they'll do their best to let you know that your Connemara Salmon 3 piece 16' Split Bamboo rod was made in 1918.

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